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Cooperation between institutions or organisations

What is it for?

Erasmus+ provides opportunities for adult education institutions and organisations across Europe to work together to exchange new practices in areas of common interest, develop new approaches, and improve quality.

Projects can focus on the themes such as basic skills and active citizenship, as well as skills that facilitate employment and social inclusion. Working with partners in different countries will help modernise adult education throughout Europe.

What does it involve?

Institutional cooperation activity can include the following:

  • The exchange of experiences and best practices between adult education organisations. You and your partner institutions can work together to improve the quality of teaching and learning opportunities. This may include long-term teaching assignments or joint staff training events;
  • The development and testing of new curricula, teaching methods and educational approaches using technologies and guidance tools;
  • The Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) provides you with an online and interactive space to develop, exchange, showcase, and promote best practices in adult education.
Who can take part?

Adult education organisations from participating countries may apply.


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