Photo from the workshop on investment in education in Sofia

Promoting investment in education and training in Bulgaria and Romania

The European Commission  organised a regional workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria, for Bulgarian and Romanian stakeholders in the education and training sector on promoting investment in education through EU instruments and funds. It drew about 70 participants from universities, national and local institutions, and private sector organisations.

Holistic Approach to Refugee Inclusion

Higher Education

When war began in Syria, over a fourth of 18 to 24 year olds were enrolled in higher education, the ratio being about half among refugees. Former teachers and artists also now face career-ending lacunae and productivity lapses due to lost jobs, lost grant money, lost libraries, lost art gallery exhibition circuits, and lost student help. Among Syria’s outnumbered refugees, many decided to stop in Austria.

Berlin students and universities reach out to refugees

EU policy

Inspiring practice number 6 - HTW Berlin and the Campus Refugee Help Movement

History takes a while to happen, and then quite some time to figure out. On the refugee crisis, Europe is still years and years from the rear view mirror stage.

Enrolling as guest students to experience the German academic system

Higher Education

Many higher education institutions across the EU are facing legal hurdles when trying to integrate refugees and asylum-seekers in their programmes. That's why some institutions, such as the University of Bremen (Germany), had to come up with legal arrangements to allow refugees and/or asylum seekers to attend the courses they offer.