Education gets upgrade

Social services education gets upgrade

Higher Education

A recently completed project has shown how universities working across borders not only develop better programmes but they also give the graduates and social services practitioners a better understanding of the needs of the people they will support.

Consultation on shared values launched

EU policy, Higher Education, School education

The European Commission has launched a consultation on promoting shared values through education.

Students join together across the Atlantic

Students join together across the Atlantic

Jean Monnet – European integration studies

The "European Horizons" project is one of the most innovative and successful projects supported under the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet activities in the last few years. By sharing knowledge about the EU abroad, the project looks to build solidarity and democratic participation.

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Free digital learning opportunities for migrants and refugees

Adult education, Language policy, Language teaching and learning

The European Commission's Joint Research Centre has released a report on Free Digital Learning Opportunities for Migrants and Refugees: An Analysis of Current Initiatives and Recommendations for their Further Use. This report, drawing on case studies and expert interviews, can be of interest to educators, providers of learning initiatives, individuals or organisations supporting refugees, and policymakers.

New study released on preparing teachers for diversity

School education

The study was drawn up to shed light on the challenges and opportunities of the increasing diversity of European classrooms, as well as to identify practical measures to support teachers in dealing with the challenges they are faced with.

Flag of the Republic of South Africa (left) and the European Union (right)

EU-South Africa Policy Dialogue

EU policy

On 4 May, senior EU officials and the Republic of South Africa's Department for Higher Education and Training will hold their 4th meeting in the framework of their policy dialogue in education and training at Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

Teaching entrepreneurship in schools

Teaching entrepreneurship in schools

School education

Entrepreneurship is increasingly important if young people want to succeed after they leave full time education. As a result, schools are becoming more and more responsible for developing what is both a mindset and a skill. Erasmus+ projects have a part to play by making sure that educational staff are equipped with the knowledge, teaching materials and methodologies they need.

eTwinning European Prizes

Who won this year’s eTwinning European Prizes?

School education

We are very happy to announce that 14 eTwinning projects have been awarded the 2017 eTwinning European Prizes! The jury selected a winner and a runner-up (from three age categories), and eight special achievements from among the 591 entries. The selected projects show the incredible variety and high interest in eTwinning projects.