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European Commission launches key new initiatives to help build inclusive, cohesive societies

EU policy, Strategic framework

Taking forward the vision presented at the Gothenburg Social Summit in November 2017 on how education and culture can support an inclusive, cohesive and competitive Europe, the European Commission has launched three important initiatives today: on common values in education, on competences for lifelong learning, and on the role of education and training in helping Europeans adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

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What is EQAVET? 5 examples of funded projects

Vocational Education and Training

The Erasmus+ programme has recently awarded grants to 19 EQAVET National Reference Points. Who are they, what will they do? Here are some answers.

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Time to teach the teacher: an example from Palestine

Higher Education

When it comes to quality in education, teacher training is of the uttermost importance. By funding projects aimed at improving the pedagogical skills of teachers both within and outside Europe, Erasmus+ is helping raise the quality of education around the world.

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The EFFECT project: peer-exchange to enhance teaching and learning

Higher Education

Enhancing the quality and relevance of higher education teaching and learning is a top priority in most European universities.  Many of them are already implementing innovative strategies to take teaching and learning to the next level. Learn about one of them: the EFFECT project.