• 9 months 3 weeks ago

The European Commission has proposed a new European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships. If adopted, it could be useful to Erasmus+ VET learners who undertake apprenticeships.

Every year, over 100,000 VET learners are supported by Erasmus+ to take part in exchanges, and most of them undertake a short-term placement in a company or a workplace. The new ErasmusPRO initiative within Erasmus+ will boost the long-term work placements abroad (between 3 and 12 months). In this context, the new European Framework may become a useful reference point.

Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, Marianne Thyssen, says: ‘Our aim is that more young people will acquire the knowledge, skills and experience that prepare them for both life and work. Apprenticeships are the “Gold Standard” in vocational education and training, and with this new Framework we define what makes them shine.’

In recent years, youth unemployment has put apprenticeships high on the political agenda. The combination of learning in school and training in a workplace helps young people into work. 60-90% of apprentices move directly from their training into a job. As Member States and stakeholders are making efforts to improve apprenticeship systems, this new Framework can be a useful tool.

The Commission Proposal for a Council Recommendation will be discussed in the Council and adjusted by the Member States. Once adopted, the EU will support Member States in implementing the new Framework through relevant EU funding programmes, including Erasmus+.


Image: Shutterstock