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Enhancing the quality and relevance of higher education teaching and learning is a top priority in most European universities.  Many of them are already implementing innovative strategies to take teaching and learning to the next level. Learn about one of them: the EFFECT project.

Teacher training is one of many factors that play an important role in enhancing the quality and relevance of teaching and learning in higher education. Other important factors include:

  • the need to address an increasingly diversified student body
  • the introduction of new and innovative teaching methods
  • the increased provision of online and blended learning.

Higher education institutions need comprehensive approaches to keep these factors at the centre of their policies. With this in mind, the EFFECT project (Feasibility study for a European Forum for Enhanced Collaboration in Teaching) brings together learning and teaching experts, practitioners, higher education institution leaders and other stakeholders to discuss the quality of teaching, exchange best practices and develop new approaches to learning and teaching enhancement at the European level.

To be truly effective, the EFFECT project targets institutional leaders and involves them in peer-learning activities. As part of this, the project is testing the implementation of a support ‘package’ of measures designed to help European higher education institutions identify the necessary actions to enhance the quality of teaching and learning and place teaching excellence at the core of their strategic mission.

EFFECT is producing resources and training materials for academic staff and it has already published a set of 10 ‘European Principles for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching’ with the aim of helping institutional leaders to ensure not only the quality, but also the relevance and attractiveness of higher education.

The project is also exploring the possibility of establishing a network of teaching and learning practitioners to enable them to discuss and disseminate initiatives and best practices on teaching enhancement that can ultimately help tackle the current challenges in higher education, such as a growing and diversified student body, the need for more skill-oriented approaches, a lack of digital literacy and student drop-out.

Support from Erasmus+

EFFECT was funded in 2015 by Erasmus+ under Key Action 3. Projects funded under this action aim to enhance the quality and modernisation of education systems by developing and testing new and innovative policies at the European level. If you are interested in learning more, visit our website!


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