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Adult education is a great tool to empower women, both as citizens and entrepreneurs. Organisations from all over Europe and beyond are supporting the women who want to make a difference.

Most adult education projects funded by Erasmus+ include partners from the programme countries: the 28 EU Member States, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey. However, a number of projects also include partners from outside this group of countries. Among these, two projects with a strong focus on women's empowerment stand out:

The EFEB Network (European Region Entrepreneurship Connection) brings EU partners from Greece, Spain, Latvia, Germany and the UK, together with 2 organisations from Georgia and Ukraine, on the topic of women's entrepreneurship. The objective of this Strategic Partnership is to train and mentor would-be female entrepreneurs and develop their entrepreneurship skills. To achieve this, the project's partners organised training webinars. The Ukrainian NGO, Agricola, which has been supporting women’s businesses since 2007, has shared its expertise in the module on product eco-innovation: the integration of environmental awareness in product design and development with the aim to improve performance throughout a product’s life cycle. The project is now coming to an end, but the e-learning modules are still accessible.

Also from Ukraine, the Vinnytsia regional department of the international Ukraine-Poland-Germany NGO, is contributing to the project IGMA-FEMINA. The partnership, launched in 2016, aims to make adult education and gender-sensitive counselling more accessible for migrant and refugee women to increase their chances of entering the labour market. By bringing together all the key local players, such as government agencies, community organisations, educational institutions and employers, the partners, they aim at supporting refugee and migrant women's access to lifelong learning and employment. Don't hesitate to follow the project's progress on its Facebook page.