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Green skills are more and more in demand on the labour market, and those who acquire them increase their employability substantially, while also helping to protect the planet. Many Erasmus+ projects are contributing to both of these efforts, through VET schools and employers. Many different aspects of environmental protection - such as renewable energy, eco-building or green transports - and many different professions are involved.

Vocational educational projects across Europe have gone green due to the demand for environmental skills. Students are taking part in courses from carpentry to cleaning and they are gaining the skills to do their part to protect the planet but also increasing their chances of getting a job.

VET project, ECOLIVE trains olive oil producers and members of agricultural cooperatives in the production, certification and marketing of organic olive oil through the use of ICT. With Forest4life, 88 Italian students spent 5-week work placements in companies dealing with various aspects of forest management in the UK, France, Czech Republic and Poland.

For professionals in the Mediterranean fishing sector, the SeaEnvTraining project concentrates on maritime resources and training on various aspects of environmental policies and regulations. To ensure that cleaners follow green and safe cleaning guidelines: the EcoCleaner project offers workplace training to cleaners who had little or no opportunities for further training, giving them additional skills and the chance to obtain a better qualification.

Through Erasmus+, musicians can learn how to build guitars with non-tropical woods - the Leonardo Guitar Making Project. To get more people in touch with nature, Training in management of forest resources and forest pedagogy mobility project sent 8 forestry teachers to acquire new skills on topics like hydro-ecology skills, fire protection or sustainability in forest resources management.

Many VET learners use the Erasmus+ programme for work periods abroad, which are a chance to become more independent, more flexible, experience something completely new and gain self-confidence. This is what Aitor from Spain, who went to Sicily to work in the field of environment control and education, said: ‘It has made me fight for my own dreams!’ If you, too, dream of learning new skills to make a contribution to a sustainable planet, don’t hesitate to take a look at the opportunities on offer through the Erasmus+ programme!