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The French-speaking university of Brussels, Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) is helping refugees in Europe by offering 10 free places at a summer school on EU immigration and asylum law and policy.

Inspiring practice number 2 - Université Libre de Bruxelles

After Leiden University English (en) last week, this week we focus on ULB's project as an inspiring practice supporting the integration of refugees. The initiative is part of a wider project supported by an Erasmus+ Jean Monnet grant.

The Odysseus Monnet Network for Immigration and Asylum (OMNIA) project aims to establish a European community of researchers and professors specialised in EU immigration and asylum law and policy.

OMNIA project - a European-wide forum for research on immigration and asylum

Establishing "the place to be" either virtually or physically, for academics working on immigration and asylum is crucial for evidence-based policy-shaping and decision-making.

The main goal of the OMNIA project is to forge throughout the EU a community of researchers and professors in the field of EU immigration and asylum law.The project aims to gather information and enhance learning practices in this area.

An open-access online platform will be set up so as to enhance the tools and information available to researchers, policy-makers, practitioners, NGO workers, university graduates, and the staff of national, European and international institutions. 

Offer refugees 10 free places to a summer school

Every year, the Odysseus network organises a summer school, including a doctoral seminar where participants have the opportunity to present their PhD project. This year, the coordinators of the Omnia project decided to invite 10 refugee students to participate in the 16th Summer School organised in Brussels from 4 to 15 July 2016.

Refugee students have until Monday 20 June 2016 to submit their application to take part in this seminar.

The ULB has come up with innovative solutions to make this happen. It will offer free meals at the university canteen and one of their partners, the Josefa Foundation, accepted to accommodate four refugees while ULB staff and students have also been asked to host refugees. On top of this, a successfulcrowdfunding campaign has been launched to cover the costs (transport, daily expenses, a portion of the tuition fees) which amount to €1,000 per refugee student. The King Baudouin Foundation also supported generously the project.

For more information, contact Mr Philippe De Bruycker, Project Coordinator of OMNIA

Should you wish to share with us the good practices other higher education institutions have been implementing, please send them to us.