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Preventing early school leaving – Lessons learned from second chance education


A new study carried out for the European Commission shows success features of second chance schemes that could inspire mainstream education and training.


Too many young people leave education and training prematurely, before achieving upper secondary qualification. Many of them have gone through daunting experiences of failing at school and trying to cope without qualification. Second chance education in Europe is often successful in helping those young people by taking a different approach to learning.

A new studypdf Choose translations of the previous link  carried out for the European Commission shows success factors of second chance schemes. It examines how second chance education can rekindle motivation and confidence in young people to continue and successfully complete education or training, and looks at ways how mainstream education could benefit from these experiences to prevent early school leaving.

The findings of the study help identify the most important elements to improve equity and quality in school education and to prevent early school leaving at the level of individual schools. They can help schools to improve their work and can support them to better organise teaching and learning.


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