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Generation Y – back to school


Generation Y – back to school


For a new episode of “Generation Y”, Euronews went to Barcelona to meet Lucas and Mar, who both decided to go back into education after having dropped out earlier, to obtain a qualification that gives them better prospects in life.

Early school leaving is an urgent and serious problem, both for individuals and society as a whole. Currently, 1 in 8 young people in Europe – almost 5.5 million – drop out of education or training before finishing the upper secondary level.

We also hear from Xavier Chavarria Navarro from the education authorities of Barcelona, who have set up a Comenius Regio project together with their counterparts in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, to look at causes of early school leaving in their regions and find strategies of addressing them.

EU countries work together to tackle the problem and reduce the number of early school leavers by sharing experience of policies that help addressing the problem. Through the Erasmus+ programme, the EU supports projects that test or develop new approaches to supporting and motivating young people to stay in education.

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