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Comenius project helps students understand the horrors of war


Vladslo is a small Belgian village, near Diksmuide, famous for his WWI German cemetery, the resting place of over twenty five thousand soldiers. Many visitors come to admire one of the most touching sculptures of all time that is located inside, the Grieving Parents, by Käthe Kollwitz.


Looking at the two parents who are crying over their young son killed in the fighting it is impossible not to reflect on the absurdity of war.

It is precisely in this very special place that the students who are taking part in the Comenius project "Understanding History" decided to leave a reminder of their visit. The project is an on-going school partnership started in 2012 and lasting until 2014, in which schools from Germany, Poland, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Turkey are involved. Its objective is to help students understand that a study of history can help to understand the circumstances that shape our lives. After visiting Norfolk, England, last May, the German, English and Polish schools visited their partner in Diksmuide, Belgium. They talked about WWI, prepared texts in memory of the horrors of the war and visited together the Vladslo cemetery, where in front of the Grieving Parents sculpture, they observed a minutes’ silence especially for the underage soldiers who died during the war. Under the sculpture you may still find their fervent hope: "No more wars, Never again". Signed: the students from year 9.

More information: Articles on the participating German school's website concerning the visit of their Belgian partners in May and visit to their UK partners in November 2012.


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