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Discover the European Union with EuroparlTV


This educational package of two DVDs - available for free and in the 22 languages on EU-Bookshop, is designed to be a resource for teachers of pupils in the 11-15 and 15-18 age groups.


The package contains 20 video sequences designed to capture the attention of a young audience, stimulate class-room discussion and foster greater understanding of topical European issues which have a direct impact on young people’s lives.

By addressing a range of 20 different topics:

  • DVD I (for pupils aged 11-15 years) provides an informative introduction to key elements of the European Union and various issues of particular interest to young people;
  • DVD II (for pupils aged 15-18 years) provides more in-depth analysis and a historical outline of the main stages of European integration and the development of European policies.

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