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Celebrate the European Day of Languages on 26 September!

Language policy, Language teaching and learning, Linguistic diversity in Europe

The European Day of Languages, held yearly on 26 September, celebrates Europe’s linguistic diversity. Many Erasmus+ initiatives take part to honour the wide variety of languages spoken. Find out which public events are going on in your country this year!

Graphic from the new report on schools

Which policies can best support schools as learning organisations?

School education

The ET2020 Working Group on Schools has just published the third in a series of reports on the governance of school education. In this new report the Group identifies examples of policies and initiatives from across Europe that are aimed at raising quality and equity in school education by supporting teachers and school leaders in their daily practice and professional development.

An apprentice works on the cockpit of an aircraft

Being a European apprentice has never been easier

Alliance for apprenticeships, Vocational Education and Training

For the past 4 years, the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) has promoted the value of this form of learning. EAfA is now entering a new development phase with the European Network of Apprentices. The Erasmus+ programme is also making great progress to facilitate mobility of apprentices across Europe. 

Young people stay in school

New tactics to ensure young people stay in school

School education

Too many young Europeans, aged 18 to 24, are ‘Early School Leavers’: they either dropped out of school before completing compulsory schooling or they did not achieve an equivalent qualification to an upper secondary education. Thankfully, there are some great Erasmus+ projects that can provide you with ideas and resources to fight early school leaving. Discover them, as well as the political drive behind them.

Vocational education goes green

Vocational education goes green!

Vocational Education and Training

Green skills are more and more in demand on the labour market, and those who acquire them increase their employability substantially, while also helping to protect the planet. Many Erasmus+ projects are contributing to both of these efforts, through VET schools and employers. Many different aspects of environmental protection - such as renewable energy, eco-building or green transports - and many different professions are involved.

Higher education institutions

What are higher education institutions doing to make Europe a more sustainable place?

Higher Education

Much still needs to be done to preserve the Earth’s precious resources and higher education Institutions are at the forefront of this work. From encouraging staff and students to recycle to providing cleaner forms of transport, action is being taken to reduce their impact on the environment. Their next challenge is encouraging others to follow the same steps. Be one of them!