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The Ambassador of Languages of the Year 2013
Secondary (Main Educational Sector)
Raising the quality of language teaching/learning
TELL - Technology enhanced language learning
CLIL - Content and language integrated learning

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In 2013 the title of ‘The Ambassador of Languages of the Year 2013’ and The European Language Label was given to a public school – Vilnius Jėzuitai gymnasium. The aim of ‘The Languages Ambassador of the Year 2013’ election was to elect a multilingual school that encourages different foreign language teaching and creates multilingual learning environment in the school. The selection was organized during the Multilingual Tournament in Lithuania and was based on the following criteria: European priority for the 2012-2013 Label campaigns („Language learning based on the new technologies“ and „Multilingual classrooms“), ability to act as the ambassador of languages and innovation in language teaching. In Vilnius Jėzuitai gymnasium even 6 languages are taught every year. Moreover they are organizing international education exchange projects, language camps and other events representing the diversity of languages. The school is fully equipped with all the necessary language learning material, especially new technologies are used for the teaching of the foreign languages. Pupils from other countries are coming to learn in the gymnasium and Lithuanian schoolchildren are going to Germany and other countries to learn and to live in the other surrounding their foreign language is used all the time. Foreign teachers are coming to the school and bilingual classes are organized. For example, the subject of new technologies is taught in Lithuanian and in German language at the same time. Different contests and events are organized every year, for example, European language day, and song contest in the foreign language. The teachers of the school are motivated to raise their qualification, to participate in the different training events not only in Lithuania but also abroad. Vilnius Jėzuitai gymnasium will continue the Ambassador's of the Languages activities until the new Ambassador of the Languages will be selected.


Contact Details
Vilnius Jėzuitai gymnasium
Gytė Kiesienė
Didžioji str., 32