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Iris Literacy Through Latin Scheme
United Kingdom
Primary (Main Educational Sector)
Secondary (Additional educational Sector)
CLIL - Content and language integrated learning
Diversification of the languages on offer
Raising the quality of language teaching/learning
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The "Iris Literacy Through Latin Scheme", based in Oxford, delivers Latin as part of the national literacy curriculum. It focuses especially on schools in deprived urban regions, where literacy levels are often low, and the subject may be a particular challenge for pupils. The project started life as a small pilot in East London and East Oxford schools, delivering Latin as part of the school literacy curriculum, using a course based on: storytelling, activities and games. Since then, the project has expanded to state schools in Manchester, Reading, Swansea, and Fife, and is soon to start in Glasgow. Iris aims to introduce the nuts and bolts of Latin grammar, and demonstrate the deep connections between Latin and English. In this way, pupils are helped to unlock the complexity of English and experience a fascination for learning new languages. The project trains a team of volunteer student teachers who are then paired with state primary and secondary schools teachers. The lessons form part of the school literacy time table, and are designed to support and enhance the national curriculum literacy strategies, as well as providing an enjoyable, unique and accessible introduction to Latin for large mixed-ability classes. A European Language Label judge said: ‘The teaching I saw was excellent, based on an exciting programme designed by the Iris project. In my long career (primary) I have not seen children identifying, analysing and discussing grammar at such a high level as I saw at St. Saviours.' The Iris Project is an educational charity introducing the languages and culture of the ancient world to UK state schools in order to enrich the curriculum.

Contact Details
The Iris Project
Dr. Lorna Robinson
24 Green Ridges
United Kingdom