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English@Edrissis Blog
Adult Education (Main Educational Sector)
Continuous vocational training (Additional educational Sector)
TELL - Technology enhanced language learning
Informal language learning
Lifelong language learning
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This educational experience attempts to respond to and satisfy the teaching and learning needs of adults enrolled in Adult Secondary Education face-to-face and distance learning programmes at Edrissis Adult Education School in Ceuta. The “English@Edrissis” blog is a digital tool designed in response to the motivational needs detected for adult Secondary Education students in learning English as “background music”. This is an online educational resource that promotes self-directed learning and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thus facilitating a balance between personal and family life and academic life. It is a support instrument that acts as a supplement to the curriculum content established under the educational legislation currently in force. Additional contents are published here, available to students outside of class, thus boosting their interest in foreign languages. It acts as a space for participation in which to collaborate on, propose and implement projects, tasks and activities, or simply to express their ideas on the training process and their taste in music. It is also a repository of classroom resources. This blog was created in late 2010, as the end result of the course entitled “ICT in the Foreign Languages department” organised by the Institute of Educational Technology (ITE, in Spanish) with the aim of combining English language and ICT with the music in English that we hear all the time around us. It is based on the potential of ICT and the Internet, as well as real, everyday features available on the Internet, as motivational tools. It was developed during the four-month period of the 2010/2011 school year, coinciding with the start of the new school year within the framework of Adult Secondary Education (ESPA, in Spanish), culminating with the creation of a final project that discusses music in English. The blog’s design is simple, based on posts and resources dealing with a musical theme, and also includes activities and tasks to be carried out. By using real materials and authentic texts (songs, lyrics, music), the aim was to provide motivation for learning languages among the ESPA’s students, facilitating independent learning and self-directed learning and enhancing their ability to acquire basic skills with the priceless help provided by the teacher, whose role has changes, leaving the realms of the master class to become a guide and facilitator of information. This educational initiative can easily be extrapolated to other languages and numerous other educational contexts.


Contact Details
Centro de Educación de Personas Adultas (CEPA) Edrissis
Jesús Canca
Avda. de África, 10
Tel: ++34 956 510 101
Fax: ++34 956 516 786