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E-LOCAL - Electronically Learning Other Cultures And Languages
University (Main Educational Sector)
Secondary (Additional educational Sector)
Languages for mobility
ODL - Open and distance learning
Cultural awareness of regional/minority languages
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E-LOCAL (Electronically Learning Other Cultures And Languages) is a project responding to the EU language policy based on the principle of fostering language diversity, promoting multilingualism and the acquisition of less common languages. As suggested by its title: 1) it is focused on “other” - i.e. less widely used and less taught – languages; 2) it is aimed at the acquisition of linguistic skills combined with the gradual knowledge of the related culture; 3) learners will develop their linguistic and cultural competences in a specific online setting, i.e. through e-learning. The goal of the E-LOCAL project is to produce on-line courses for 6 languages and cultures: Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese. The six E-LOCAL courses have the same formal structure and also have a common framework of contents; they have been created to allow the users to reach A1 level of the Common European Framework for Languages. The target group consists of school pupils and university students, i.e. young people who are likely to experience mobility abroad. The E-LOCAL courses will provide these students with a fundamental tool specially developed with the aim of preparing them for a mobility period abroad: this is reflected inter alia in the thematic structure, including topics suitable to the youth’s interests and likes, and in the plot of the courses, where the main characters are two Erasmus students. The E-LOCAL courses are in fact built around the adventures of Anna and Alex, two Erasmus students who arrive to one of the six E-LOCAL countries (according to the chosen course) and who initially do not master the local language. Through the use of English as a vehicular language, Anna and Alex rapidly learn the language and they also get in touch with some aspects of the local culture and daily life. The users of the courses follow Anna and Alex in their adventures and in their gradual discovery of the local reality, so they can identify themselves with the two main characters and they can keep a high level of motivation. The courses are available on the platform


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