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Tandem Plus Learning
Adult Education (Main Educational Sector)
Continuous vocational training (Additional educational Sector)
Exchanges (virtual, physical)
ODL - Open and distance learning
VOLL - Vocationally oriented language learning
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European Language(s) of the Label Website: French  


This involves fostering the creation of international friendships between language learners and teachers from several countries, and developing language skills in adults within an educational partnership and giving them the confidence to use them. • encouraging adults to use ICT. CFPPA trainees receive a personal user number and password and are encouraged to visit the website as often as possible, to send messages and use email. They are also actively encouraged to participate in trans-national visits. Three visits take place each year to the partner establishments: in Spain (Toledo), France (Vesoul) and Ireland (Wicklow). They include language, cultural, sporting and tourist activities. Accommodation is arranged in the homes of partner learners. This regularly updated website features: • a description of the operation together with its objectives • profiles of the users, with their photos and contact details • discussion forums in three languages, on subjects such as: presentations of the users, recipe exchanges, holiday plans, funny stories, etc. • questionnaires in three languages created by the various users and aimed at their geographic and cultural environment • trans-national working groups seeking to answer these questionnaires • preparation documents for the international visits • photos and videos produced during the international visits • individual reports written in two languages after each international visit • links to language learning websites


Contact Details
Centre de Formation Professionnelle et de Promotion Agricole - Vesoul
Elisabeth Marchiset
16, Rue Belin, BP 313
Vesoul Cedex
Tel: ++33 384 968 524
Fax: ++33 384 968 540