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Multimedia Tool for Learning and Teaching Slovenian Sign Language and International Gestures
Primary (Main Educational Sector)
Secondary (Additional educational Sector)
Disabilities and language learning
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Slovenian sign language and international gestures are a teaching/learning tool which contains new techniques and methods of learning (exploration history of gestures and methods of use), thus it helps increase interest in learning/teaching. The aim of the project is to ensure a database of Slovenian sign language and international gestures and to standardize and set grammatical rules. By defining the rules of grammar, we will be able to determine and standardize the processes of learning sign language. In addition, the learning will be facilitated. Finally, it will enable deaf people to learn the grammar of Slovenian sign language easier and, moreover, to learn Slovenian and foreign languages.


Contact Details
Union of Associations of Deaf and Hearing Impaired of Slovenia (Zveza društev gluhih in naglušnih Slovenije - acronym ZDGNS)
Matjaž Juhart
Drenikova, 24
Tel: ++386 1 500 15 00