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From Classroom to Real Life – A Linguistic-Communicative Path Towards the Working Environment
Secondary (Main Educational Sector)
Languages for mobility
VOLL - Vocationally oriented language learning
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The project is quite articulated, as it goes over a long time (2 years), several classes of the school are involved in the different language initiatives/activities, which partly are proposed cyclically. Its aim is to propose concrete communicative/linguistic skills which can be applied in various ways, for example during working stages at Bamberg (Germany), at work or at summer-working stages at the beaches of the Veneto and Friulian hinterland. One of the coming-out characteristics is the connection of curricular activities, language certification courses of the Goethe Institute, micro language and working activities / working stages, also in cooperation with public bodies and associations. The critical point is, anyway, that all the extracurricular activities are unfortunately on payment by the students themselves. Thanks to this follow-up of the activities more and more students see the usefulness of the different phases and activities. Of particular importance is the language-stage, the week spent in Bamberg, with the German language lessons held by mother tongue teachers, who are specialized in the teaching of the German language to foreign students with the specific aim to prepare learners with the skills required by the certification.


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Istituto Statale Belli
Ursula Ahlborn
Via Russolo, 15
Portogruaro (VE)
Tel: ++39 421 73 102
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