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The Greek Language in the Veneto Schools Between Antiquity and Future
Teacher training (Main Educational Sector)
Tertiary education (Additional educational Sector)
Cultural awareness of regional/minority languages
Intercultural awareness (any language)
Teaching of a second language
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"The Greek Language in the Veneto Schools Between Antiquity and Future", initiated in 2010-11 after a long experimental phase of scientific and didactic collaboration between the high school of the Veneto region and the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice aims at becoming – in the course of 2010-15 thanks to the support of Cassamarca of Treviso - a concrete reality acknowledged by the national school system. The project aims at promoting the study of Greek language and culture through a linguistic, literary and historic support, by offering the opportunity to know the evolution of Greek culture and language beyond the Classical age through cycles of at least 32 yearly hours for any involved class. The high school Greek instructors, collaborating with Modern Greek university professors and supervised by the Ca’ Foscari coordinator, will activate new forms of apprehending the Greek language in high schools through the contact with the modern language and allowing therefore the learning of a foreign European language as L2. Within the course and cultural activity programming, the project involves high schools and university professors and students, literature scholars and mother tongue residents in the Veneto region as well as other institutions. Around the project other similar initiatives have flourished: they show a new and increasing interest in the study of Greek culture. A better understanding of Greek culture, investigated in the phases that follow the Classical age, and therefore the ones of the Byzantine millennium and the one following the fall of Constantinople (1453) up to our days, allow the younger generations a better understanding of the culture of their own territory, a land that has always had a strong tie with the Greek world. Within such a perspective, the study of “local” , “regional” and “Venetian” culture acquires a multi-ethnic and multicultural dimension; it educates at knowing the otherness not as for foreigners or as for “different” people, but as an integral part of one own society and everyday experience. One of the project goals is to make visible the fact that Venice and the Veneto territory saw for centuries a rich interchange of many languages, cultures and religions that shaped that extraordinary “Venetian Identity”, resulting from a complex and varied melting pot.


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