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University (Main Educational Sector)
Adult Education (Additional educational Sector)
Lifelong language learning
Raising the quality of language teaching/learning
ODL - Open and distance learning
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Project objectives: • improving the quality of specialist glossary teaching and learning thanks to the development of a course book in a printed and electronic format, which features authentic ICT materials to be used during language courses staged at HEIs and attended by IT students at intermediate or advanced level (and their teachers), • developing a bank of IT materials indispensable for the implementation of a teaching/learning programme including specialist glossary: improving the knowledge of professional jargon (ESP) by project participants and future beneficiaries, the use of authentic communication situations for the development of effective communication skills (official and informal correspondence with text authors, project documentation, reporting), stressing good practice during the activity (e.g. respecting copyright), creating a model for similar initiatives to be taken by the Jagiellonian University Language Centre. Project description: • identifying the fields of IT, to which the texts should pertain and the requirements for specific articles (word content, mathematical content, formulas, etc.), • establishing a bank of reading and listening texts that may be used in the course book, • acquiring articles from researchers at the Institute of Information Technology at the Jagiellonian University, preparing exercises and staging internal validation of questions to the texts, • preparing mathematical formulas, Greek alphabet and mathematical expressions for scientific consultation by a researcher at the JU Institute of Information Technology (audio recording; How to Read Mathematical Formulas, Greek Alphabet and Mathematical Expressions), • interest in the project on the part of university authorities, staff of the Institute of Information Technology (stressing the non-for-profit character of the venture) and obtaining support in the scope of IT (a server, links), • making a presentation and information materials on the presentation, • making videos of presentations that illustrate right and wrong approach to this form of public speaking: Successful Presentations. A Few Tips from English++ and (Un)successful Presentations. A Few More Tips from English++. • Launch of the project website ( and preparing information on the project to be posted at the website.

Contact Details
Jagiellonskie Centrum Jezykowe Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego
Monika Stawicka
ul. Krupnicza, 2
Tel: ++48 12 426 13 65
Fax: ++48 12 423 00 99