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Bridges for Education
Secondary (Main Educational Sector)
Teacher training (Additional educational Sector)
Cultural awareness of regional/minority languages
Diversification of the languages on offer
Intercultural awareness (any language)
Latvian, Lettish
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The ‘Bridges for Education’ project has been carried out by the Bulgarian NGO ‘English Club” foundation in cooperation with educational institutions in Bulgaria, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Romania. The Project Objectives refer to: Promotion of understanding and tolerance by the foreign languages and linguistic diversity; Intercultural educational exchange among 8 countries. The project has been directed to the following target groups: Students aged 14-18; Teachers from different countries; It involved 140 children, aged 14-18 from 8 countries as well as 15 international teachers. It was held in a boarding school at ‘Hospis-Energia” in the town of Targovishte, Bulgaria for 20 days - from 7th July to 26th July 2003. The students were assigned to 11 groups according to the results of the students’ placement tests. All the groups consisted of children from different countries. The daily timetable was specified in advance and was as follows: Homeroom class – students developed the project “Create a country” - a brilliant implementation of children’s’ intellect and creativity. In the course of work, by means of English, the children have the possibility to acquaint and learn lots of words on different languages which were presented in the camp (Bulgarian, Estonian, Polish, Romanian, Lithuanian); Morning activities – history, civilizations, geography, math’s, business English, civics, leadership behaviour, ethnic models; Afternoon activities – Music, Web-design, Photography, Crafts, Dancing, Chess, Swimming, Cooking; Evening activities – International Nights, Talent’s show, Crazy Fashion Show, Peace Ceremony; Weekend activities - two trips to towns of Varna and Shoumen; Results: Development of self-evaluation skills and adoption of new pedagogical approaches; Building of various communicative skills in accordance with the intercultural exchange; Signing agreements for future cooperation with Latvia, Estonia Belarus, Russia, Romania and Poland.


Contact Details
Bulgarian NGO ‘English Club” foundation
Rozeta Stoicheva
1, Belchev str., ent. B
Tel: ++359 601 29 210
Fax: ++359 601 66 514