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IPSIA Marconi on the Stage – William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Secondary (Main Educational Sector)
CLIL - Content and language integrated learning
Acquisition of partial language skills
VOLL - Vocationally oriented language learning
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The project focuses on the performance of “Romeo and Juliet”, by involving 60 students coming from the III, IV and V classes of all specialization courses within the school. It aims at: 1) motivating students by means of new and stimulating activities, 2) widening their interests, promoting the knowledge of different cultures and favouring the achievement of a European culture; 3) achieving the four communicative skills in the foreign language in order to facilitate their intercultural and occupational mobility; 4) achieving their specific professional skills. The project is divided into six modules. The first module, common to all specialization sectors of the school, focuses on reading and analysing of Romeo and Juliet and studying of William Shakespeare historical and cultural background. Four parallel modules follow, each one related to a specialization sector: 1) the Fashion Sector focuses on the study of the European Renaissance Costume and the Elizabethan Costume, then on design and realization of the performance costumes; 2) the Building Sector studies the structure of the Elizabethan stage and builds a plastic model of The Globe Theatre and the performance scenery; 3) the Electric and Electronic Sectors study the Renaissance and Elizabethan music and dances and arrange the stage lights and sounds; 4) the Graphic Sector translates the script –in collaboration with the Mechanic Sector - and works out posters and invitation cards. The last module, with students from every sector, is directly related to acting. The final product is therefore the result of the interdisciplinary work and collaboration of students of IPSIA Marconi as a whole.

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