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Inter-Comprehension in Language Teacher Education
Teacher training (Main Educational Sector)
Tertiary education (Additional educational Sector)
Multilingual comprehension
Cultural awareness of regional/minority languages
Intercultural awareness (any language)
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The primary objective of the project is the creation of a teacher-training module centred on "Inter-comprehension", one of the new paths to language learning proposed by the European Union. This module, which has been tested with trainee teachers, fits into a theoretical language teaching framework. Teachers learn about European language policy and are trained in providing students with strategies for "inter-comprehension", whereby each person speaks his or her own language and understands the other. Teaching is thus geared towards equipping students with strategies (teaching to learn) enabling them to understand their interlocutor's language and vice versa, even when both speak their native tongue. This "multilingual inter-comprehension" opens the way for different countries and regions to communicate on the same footing, while preserving minority languages, in much the same way as multilingualism, although from a more realistic standpoint. This focus for learning took the form of organising seminars and producing tapes, videos, texts, questionnaires, etc. This specifically involves shifting the focus of language learning away from a single language (lingua franca) and towards multilingualism as a means to diversity, since it creates a link between language learning and intercultural learning.

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