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European Language Label

Welcome to the ELL database for innovative projects in language teaching and learning.

This database contains projects that have received the European Language Label since 1999 (for the pilot phase 1998-99, please refer to "The European Label: catalogue of projects 1998-99").

The database aims to inspire practitioners, stakeholders and policymakers by presenting "best practices" in the field of language teaching and learning.

The European Language Label is awarded to local, regional, and national projects that have found creative ways to improve the quality of language teaching, motivate students, make the best use of available resources to diversify the languages on offer, and other innovative initiatives.

You can search the database according to a number of different criteria:

■      Year of the award
■      Projects by country
■      Educational sector(s)
■      Pedagogical theme(s)
■      Target language(s) of the projects

You can also combine up to all of these criteria to conduct a more focused search. Your query will generate a list of the projects and individuals that have been awarded Labels – just click on the names to learn more (contact details, etc.).

Enjoy your search!

Label of the day
Drama... tic English

The project begins with the reading of the story in English “The adventures of Robin Hood”. After the reading, the pupils, highlighted lexical and grammatical structures of the English language and developed activities to assimilate them. During the lessons with the teacher of Italian language and History, the class learnt about the medieval period in England comparing it with the Italian medieval period, referring particularly to the life of Guglielmo da Volpiano. The English teacher adapted a theatre script to give a role to each pupil in the show. Then she taught the children how to play on stage: voice control, pronunciation, intonation, gestures. The music teacher did all the work about songs, music and choreographies. The objectives of the project: - Acquisition of new vocabulary and structures of the English language - Understand grammar rules from the literature context - Develop ...

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