• Past 10 11 September 2014
  • London School of Economics, United Kingdom


The LUCIDE network, funded by the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme, is a network devoted to developing ideas on the management of multilingual citizen communities and building up a picture of communication in multilingual settings across the EU and beyond.

LUCIDE aims to help institutions (councils, schools, hospitals) and local and national economies make better productive use of diversity as an economic resource and to strengthen social cohesion by fostering better communication and mutual understanding.

The project also aims to better understand how the cultural richness of these new multilingual cities can strengthen the “diverse unity “of the 21st century.


The LUCIDE project team is organising a series of workshops and seminars across Europe, culminating in a final event in London. Individuals wishing to participate can register through the LSE website.

Please join the debate on the LUCIDE website, Facebook or Twitter pages – get involved in building the multilingual city of the future!