• Past 19 20 June 2014
  • Brussels, Belgium


The Ministerial meeting was organized within the Western Balkans Platform on Education and Training English (en) (WB PET). It is the 3rd Ministerial meeting to take place since the launch of the WB PET, an initiative launched in March 2012 to provide additional support to the countries in the region and better prepare them for their participation in EAC programmes and integration with EU Member States.


This 3rd Ministerial meeting, which convened the Ministers of Education of the region and their relevant staff and contact points, focused on teacher education and training, a topic identified by the ministers of the WB countries as a top priority at the launch of the Platform. The topic was also the object of a recent study made by DG EAC on teacher education and training in the WB region.

This Ministerial meeting also happened to be the last one chaired by Mr Jan Truszczynski, who has been supporting the initiative since its very beginning. It will be taken over by Mr Xavier Prats-Monné, who had the opportunity to meet and discuss with the ministers for the first time.



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