• Past 15 April 2014
  • Brussels, Belgium

Meeting skills needs through vocational education and training reform. Sector Skills Alliances conference, Brussels, 15 April 2014.  

Vocational education and training, VET, needs to respond flexibly to emerging skills demand by embedding VET into regional and sectoral development strategies. This was emphasized when more than 120 stakeholders from all over Europe, including VET providers, government as well as industry representatives, social partners and officials from relevant sectoral Commission services met in Brussels last month.

The aims of this conference were to provide project leaders with an opportunity to receive a wide-ranging feedback on their projects, to raise the profile of the future Sector Skills Alliances English (en) in the new Erasmus+ programme Choose translations of the previous link , to draw conclusions for European sector skills policies and for European stakeholders to develop a sense of ownership for the Alliances and their results.

While speakers and project leaders shared their experience with a wide variety of stakeholders, and highlighted points for thought for the planning of future Sector Skills Alliances, European Commission officials reviewed the work being done by the on-going Alliances from the perspective of European policies being developed on sectoral skills.

Participants appreciated the close cooperation within the various Commission services and very actively discussed the four Pilot Sector Skills Alliances and related sectoral issues in separate workshops on:

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Elderly care
  • Energy-saving construction
  • Tourism

In the workshopspdf(5.39 Mb) English (en) sector representatives from the national and European level as well as from the private and public sector exchanged opinions on concrete projects on one hand and European policy issues at stake on the other.