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Innovation in Higher Education – Brussels, 18 November 2013


The 'innovation imperative' is as valid for higher education as for other areas and while it is perhaps still less visible in the higher education sector there is a clear benefit of addressing its potential impact for growth, inclusion and competitiveness.


Many current developments affecting higher education have a clear European and in fact a global dimension and require innovative actions. As the recent years have shown, innovative solutions in the EU higher education sector are possible.

In order to nurture the debate around those topics, the European Commission organised an event on “Innovation in Higher Education” last November 18th 2013 in Brussels. The event gathered more than 150 leading practitioners, education managers, academics and technology professionals as well as policy officers.

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Presentations of the High Level Panel and of the afternoon sessions' speakers:

High level panel

1st session: Leveraging Technological Innovation in Higher Education

2nd session: Innovation in Teaching and Learning

3rd session: Drivers of Institutional Innovation in Higher Education

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