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Conference: “Education: Policy support for Teacher Educators”


A peer learning conference was held in Brussels in March 2012 to discuss ways of improving support to Teacher Educators in Europe. The 150 participants from 26 countries included Teacher Educators, academics, policymakers and stakeholder groups.

EU Ministers of Education have identified the Teacher Educator profession as a key priority. Although many Member States have policies in support of teachers or school leaders, they often do not have specific policies or provision concerning (for example) Teacher Educators' recruitment and selection, their qualifications, or their continuing professional development. Furthermore, in many Member States there is currently little professional contact between Teacher Educators based in schools and those based in universities or elsewhere.

Here you can find the key documentation:

The conference conclusionspdf(143 kB) Choose translations of the previous link  note, amongst other things, that:

  • There is a need to raise awareness of the key roles that teacher educators play in every education system and for policies that support the teacher educator profession.
  • It is necessary to identify the areas of competence (knowledge, skills and attitudes) that underpin teacher educators’ diverse roles.
  • A profile or framework of competences should support and enhance teacher educators’ lifelong professional learning and stimulate improvements in quality.
  • It is necessary to further develop the knowledge base about Teacher Education and about Teacher Educators.
  • Education policies should encourage organised professional groupings of teacher educators.

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