The call aims to support an EU-wide network of relevant organisations to promote co-operation and policy development in the field of the integration of children and young people with migration background in school education. The network will be expected to represent a wide range of education stakeholders, including policy makers, education practitioners, and researchers as well as migrant and civil society associations/ representatives.

The Commission intends to support the network through a four-year framework partnership agreement, which will set out the conditions governing annual grants for an action.






Education is a powerful tool for the integration of third country nationals; the recent increase in migration flows into the European Union makes it urgent for European education systems to adapt and welcome diversity, and it places a huge demand on schools and teachers.

While there is a need to develop evidence-based and integrated policies to address the needs of learners with migrant background in general, attention has recently focussed on the situation on newly arrived migrant children and young people. For them, the rapid acquisition of basic skills, or recognition of existing skills, is the foundation for further learning and the gateway to employment and social inclusion. Learning rapidly the language(s) of the host country is also crucial to succeed in their integration process.

The network will promote policy development in the area of education and integration of both newly arrived migrant children and young people, and learners with a more remote migrant background.

The network should represent a broad geographic scope and a balance of different education systems, and a variety of backgrounds of participating institutions and associations, from policy, practice and research. Focus is on the general education of children and young people (0-18 years), an exchange with other education sectors could be an asset, but should not constitute the core activities under this partnership agreement.


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  • Annexes:
    • Annex I Declaration of honour
    • Annex II Mandate letters (updated on 13 January 2017)
    • Annex III Indicative overall budget for the entire duration of the Framework Partnership Agreement
    • Annex IV List of previous projects
    • Annex V List of CVs
  • Template for detailed work programme of the first year of implementation
  • Detailed budget for the first year of implementation
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