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Euro Taxi video interviews from the conference "Economic Governance in the EU/euro area – What lessons for Poland?" and from the meeting of Directors of Communication on EMU and the euro (DirCom) and the EuroTeam network

Warsaw, 5-6 July 2012

On 5 July 2012, a conference on “Economic Governance in the EU/euro area – What lessons for Poland?" was held in Warsaw, jointly organised by the Bureau of Government Plenipotentiary for Euro Adoption at the Polish Ministry of Finance and DG ECFIN. The conference aimed at presenting and discussing the recent European economic governance enhancements and simultaneously answering the question of implications of these changes from the Polish and other derogation countries’ perspective. Following the conference, a meeting of the Directors of Communication of the Ministries of Finance and Central Banks of the 27 EU Member States (DirCom), and the EuroTeamnetwork was held on 6 July in Warsaw. The meeting organised by DG ECFIN concentrated on the communication aspects of the EU economic governance.

The video features short interviews with key figures from the conference and the meeting, including Hans-Joachim Klöckers (Deputy Director General, European Central Bank), Declan Costello (Director for Resources and Communication (acting), DG ECFIN), Andrzej Slawinski (Director General of the Economic Institute, National Bank of Poland), Paul Kutos (Head of Unit, DG ECFIN), Tomasz Chmielewski (Director of the Macroprudential Policy Bureau, National Bank of Poland), Cinzia Alcidi (Research Fellow, CEPS) and Ludek Niedermayer (Director, Deloitte Consulting, Czech Republic) as well as informal interviews with citizens.

Euro Taxi is a European TV show and network which gathers individuals' opinions using a very simple tool: a moving studio, a taxi. DG ECFIN's aim is to use the videos to inform, collect views and in general to encourage European citizens to get involved in the debate on financial and economic issues.

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Please find more information about the conference on the website of the Ministry of Finance

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