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Voices for Europe

Categories : The euro
Voices for Europe
On 9 May, people across Europe mark the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which laid the foundations for the European Union. To celebrate this occasion, leading financial officials from across Europe – including euro area Finance Ministers and representatives of the European Central Bank, European Investment Bank, European Stability Mechanism and the European Commission – have published a series of short videos to champion the significance of Europe’s common currency and monetary union. These videos give a voice to European unity and send an important political message ahead of the upcoming 2014 European Elections: Europe is our future.

Videos in this category

Latvia joins the Eurozone

Latvia joins the Eurozone

Duration: 01:49
Category: The euro

Communication campaign on the euro in Latvia

Communication campaign on the euro in Latvia

Duration 2 X 30' and 1:30'
Category: Euro


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