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Analysing structural reforms and EU policies

Both the Member States and the EU implement policies and reforms in support of the Lisbon Strategy. DG ECFIN plays a major role in evaluating these policies and reforms, as a contribution to the European economic dialogue and with a focus on improving the workings of Economic and Monetary Union.

Encouraging more growth and more jobs is a strategic priority for both the European Union and the Member States, and is part of the Lisbon Strategy. In support of this strategic priority, the European Union implements common policies across all sectors of the EU economy while the Member States implement their own national structural reforms. The effects of these policies and reforms ripple across the European Union because of the close and growing economic links between Member States. 

To ensure that these ‘ripples’ are as beneficial as possible, and to prepare Europe for the challenges that lie ahead, the European Commission rigorously analyses all these policies. DG Economic and Financial Affairs is particularly involved in this work of improving the economic rationale of structural reforms and important EU policies. It also puts special focus on continuously improving the functioning of Economic and Monetary Union.

Common EU policies traversing all sectors of the economy include the Common Agricultural Policy and Competition Policy, which date back to the foundation of the European Communities, as well as policies which have developed over time, such as the internal market, environmental policy and Cohesion Policy.

It is the European Commission's responsibility to ensure that these national and EU structural reforms are properly analysed. These analyses lead to proposals for improvement, so that the maximum possible beneficial impact on jobs and growth can be achieved. It is all the more urgent to do this today as Europe is facing the challenge of climate change, ageing populations and globalisation.

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