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The 2001 Broad Economic Policy Guidelines.


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25 April 2001, the Commission adopted its recommendation for the Broad Economic Policy Guidelines (BEPGs) for the economic policies of the Member States and the Community, in line with article 99(2) of the Treaty.

The 2001 BEPGs confirm the strategy set out last year to meet the objectives of the Lisbon European Council, and extend it further in light of the results of last month’s Stockholm European Council. In addition, the BEPGs are based upon the Report on the implementation of the 2000 BEPGs . They set out a comprehensive strategy to preserve, in the short run, the economic expansion in a context of less favourable global conditions, through growth- and stability-oriented macroeconomic policies; to strengthen, in the medium run, the growth potential of the EU economy through resolute and accelerated implementation of economic reforms and the promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation and a knowledge-based economy that encourage a full and effective use of productive resources and augment productivity, and to prepare, in a longer-term perspective, for the impact of ageing populations.

The 2001 BEPGs consist of two parts. The first part comprises horizontal recommendations which are general and apply to all individual Member States. The second part consists of country-specific guidelines that take into account the particular circumstances of each Member State and the different degree of urgencies of measures. Together, they form the reference for the conduct of economic policies in the Member States.

(European Economy 72. January 2001. Luxembourg. 351pp. Tab. Graph. Bibliogr. )

KC-AR-01-072-EN-C (online)
ISBN 92-894-1242-9 (online)
ISSN 0379-0991 (online)

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