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Annual report on structural reforms 2002 - Economic Policy Committee (EPC)

Author(s): Economic Policy Committee (EPC)

Annual report on structural reforms 2002 - Economic Policy Committee (EPC) pdf (760 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

The present report is the fourth report on structural reforms prepared by the Economic Policy Committee. It summarises the results of an annual country by country examination of economic policies, which the Committee is asked to carry out according to its statutes.

The country examinations are a peer review exercise focussing on progress made in the structural reform of product, capital and labour markets and long-term aspects of public finance sustainability. The examinations take a comprehensive look at the whole reform process, provide "benchmarking" comparisons between countries and evaluate to what extent Member States have implemented the country specific recommendations addressed to them in the Broad Economic Policy Guidelines (BEPGs).

(European Economy. Economic Papers 167. March 2002. Brussels. 82pp. Tab. Free.)

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