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Israel is one of the 16 partner countries whose relations with the EU are framed by the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). This country page presents information on DG ECFIN’s activities and economic cooperation with Israel.

Economic Analysis

DG ECFIN conducts regular analysis on macroeconomic and financial developments in Israel.

Economic Dialogue

The EU and Israel regularly hold bilateral macroeconomic dialogues in the framework of the Sub-Committee on Economic and Financial Matters. Meetings of the Subcommittee provide both partners with an opportunity to exchange views on their respective economic situations and outlooks, and on the major structural challenges that they face.

The last meeting of the Subcommittee was held in Brussels in March 2016. The discussion covered recent macroeconomic developments and policy challenges in both Israel and the EU. The discussion on the EU economy covered, in addition to the macroeconomic situation and outlook, the EU's experience with service trade liberalisation and its potential impact on productivity growth.

Macro-Financial Assistance

Israel received Macro-Financial Assistance amounting to EUR 180.5 million from the EU in 1991. No other operation has taken place since then.

Related EU Policies and Activities

The links below provide additional information on EU-Israeli relations:

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