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Investment programmes

The Commission encourages the financing of investment in European enterprises and industries through a wide range of financial programmes and instruments. DG ECFIN is in charge of the implementation of a number of these programmes and instruments

In line with the Lisbon Strategy, many of the financing programmes managed by DG ECFIN are aimed at providing better funding opportunities for European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

In addition, DG ECFIN manages several other financing programmes, for instance programmes to improve the infrastructure in new Member States and countries bordering the EU, or to improve energy efficiency.

Other actions aim specifically at encouraging investment in early-stage companies and high-growth sectors.

DG ECFIN is also in charge of granting Euratom loans to part-finance investments in Member States in the nuclear cycle – meaning the construction, operation and decommissioning of nuclear power plants – as well as investments in certain non-member states for improvements to safety and efficiency in operating nuclear power plants as well as plants to be completed or closed down.

Finally, DG ECFIN contributes to the development of new financial instruments in support of EU policies.

NB! It is important to note that DG ECFIN does not provide direct financial support to individual businesses or entrepreneurs. The programmes mentioned are usually implemented via networks of financial intermediaries or specialised funds, to which those interested should refer directly if they wish to apply.

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