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Euratom loans

DG ECFIN is responsible for granting Euratom loans for financing investment projects in nuclear installations.

The European Atomic Energy Community, Euratom, gives loans to finance investment in nuclear installations for the industrial production of electricity or the nuclear fuel cycle in Member States. It also gives loans to finance projects for improving nuclear safety in certain non-Member States, including the dismantling of nuclear power stations that cannot be upgraded.

In the last few years, Euratom loans have been granted to three projects: the safety upgrade of the Kozloduy Power Plant Units 5 and 6 in Bulgaria, the completion of Cernavoda Power Plant Unit 2 in Romania, and the safety upgrade of Khmelnitsky Power Plant Unit 2 and Rovno Power Plant Unit 4 in Ukraine.

A Commission proposal to increase the €4 billion borrowing ceiling for such operations to €6 billion was approved on 6 November 2002, but Member States have not yet reached a consensus on this proposal.

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