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European Economy Explained

Economic and monetary union

Economic and Monetary Union

The economic and monetary union is an historic project to forge a united economy that is greater than the sum of its national parts. By choosing to share the euro as their currency, European countries are creating new economic opportunities built on common rules. Find out more.

Economies of Europe

Economies of Europe

The European Commission closely monitors the economic situation throughout Europe. It helps governments to coordinate so that they all work together for the common good and it provides robust and independent assessments of national policies. Understand how it works.

Economic and monetary union

The financial and economic crisis

From the deepest economic crisis the world economy has seen since the great depression, Europe is emerging with new common institutions and a greater commitment to shared responsibility and solidarity. Understand why the crisis happened and how Europe responded.

Hot economic topics

Hot topics

The world economy is evolving and our societies are ageing. We need to adapt for the future to create a vibrant, sustainable economy that provides good jobs and ever-improving living standards. The EU has a strategy. Find out more.

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