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28/03/2006 : Sequencing and incentives for reforms


Berlaymont building, 170 rue de la Loi, 1040 – Brussels – Room JMON (Jean Monnet)
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Details on the conference

The aim of the workshop was to provide an opportunity for academics and Commission staff members to discuss the issues related to the political and economic incentives for reforms, interactions between different types of reforms (substitutability vs. complementarity, optimal sequencing) and political economy of reforms.

There were two sessions:

  • The morning session focussed on the political economy of structural reforms, analysing economic and political incentives for undertaking the reforms and examining important aspects of the (macro) economic, political and institutional environment relevant to the successful implementation of the reforms.
  • The afternoon session focussed on different scenarios for implementation of reforms, including complementarities between product and labour market reforms, reform timing and sequencing. It also looked at the growth-maximizing policies, in particular on the role of competition and entry regulation and the design of macroeconomic policies supportive in the reform effort.

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