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14/03/2007 : Tracking and Evaluating Labour Market Reforms in Europe

Within the framework of the multilateral surveillance and the renewed Lisbon strategy, the Commission is strengthening its capacity to tracking and analysing structural reforms in order to be able to better assess progress with their implementation. There is also a need to more systematically evaluate labour market policies at country level.

The aim of the workshop was to bring together the views of experts from the academia together with those of policy-makers and professional economists to discuss how to improve and develop the existing tools that allow tracking and evaluating labour market reforms.

The workshop was organised in three sessions:

- The opening session focuses on the aggregate approach where the pace of reform is analysed from the cross-country perspective.

- The following sessions describe the possible venues to model - either ex-ante (second session) or ex-post (third session) - specific policy interventions at country level.


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