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04/12/2009 : Workshop "External adjustment: the macroeconomic and microeconomic dimensions"

The aim of the workshop is to trigger a debate on recent theoretical and empirical contributions on the role of exchange rates in macroeconomic adjustment, in light of recent research which demonstrates that the microeconomic dimension is key for understanding the impact of exchange rates on aggregate variables.

The contributions highlight the relevance of taking into account the sector and firm-level dimension in the analysis. In particular, the contributions will deal with the implications of sectoral aggregation for the analysis of exchange rate effects and with the relevance of firm-level "heterogeneity" and firms' behaviour for the impact of exchange rates on adjustment.

The workshop comprises three sessions of two papers each with a discussion by an appointed discussant at the end and a general discussion at the end, and a final panel discussion. The topics discussed in the three sessions are:

  • Exchange rates and firm restructuring
  • The mechanics of adjustment to exchange rate changes
  • The impact of exchange rates on trade flows

Date and venue

04 December 2009
Location: room 00/019, BU25 building, 25 avenue de Beaulieu, 1160 Brussels



For any queries related to the programme or the organisation of the workshop, please contact the organising team by email or fax (+32-2-299 33 55)

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