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21/06/2005 : Workshop : The effects of relocation on economic activity: An EU perspective

organised by the Directorate-General of Economics and Financial Affairs, European Commission

Tuesday, 21 June 2005

This workshop discussed the impact of the overseas relocation of economic activities, via international outsourcing and offshoring. It provided an opportunity for members of staff and academics to discuss the issue, analysing particularly in detail the benefits and costs for the EU economy in view of the latest available evidence. The contributions addressed the following issues:

  • the definition and measurement of international relocation of economic activities,
  • the impact on employment and productivity,
  • the impact on industrial restructuring,
  • the impact on new Member States,
  • the implications for policy making.

Presentations given at this event. Copyright with the authors

Programme enpdf(61 kB) Choose translations of the previous link  (pdf file 70 kb)
Minutes enpdf(138 kB) Choose translations of the previous link  (pdf file 150 kb)

  • Ingo Geishecker, Free University Berlin and University of Nottingham enpdf(334 kB) (pdf file 330 kb) Slides enpdf(268 kB) (pdf file 260 kb)
  • Holger Görg, University of Nottingham and DIW Berlin enpdf(2 MB) (pdf file 1600 kb) Slides enpdf(181 kB) (pdf file 180 kb)
  • Bob Anderton, School of Economics, University of Nottingham Slides enpdf(2 MB) (pdf file 1220 kb)
  • Joze P. Damijan, University of Ljubljana, and Institute for Economic Research, Ljubljana enpdf(303 kB) (pdf file 240 kb) Slides enpdf(675 kB) (pdf file 660 kb) Appendix enpdf(386 kB) (pdf file 380 kb)
  • Mary Amiti, Research Department, Trade Division, International Monetary Fund (see this external link)
  • Lionel Fontagné, Director CEPII, France enpdf(133 kB) (pdf file 330 kb) Slides enpdf(449 kB) (pdf file 260 kb)

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