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27/11/2012 : Fiscal relations across government levels in times of crisis - making compatible fiscal decentralisation and budgetary discipline

In the context of the current economic and budgetary crisis and based on the existing EU country specific policy experiences, the workshop will focus on the appropriate functioning of fiscal relations across government levels in order to render compatible the ongoing process of fiscal decentralisation in a large number of Member States with the required fiscal retrenchment so as to comply with the new EU fiscal governance rules and the new intergovernmental Treaty and ensure sound and sustainable public finances.

The workshop will discuss the existing evidence and prospects of fiscal decentralization and budgetary discipline, the role played by domestic fiscal governance in promoting discipline in a decentralized institutional context, cross country analyses and specific country experiences.

The workshop will include speakers and discussants from national authorities, academia and international organizations.


Welcome address by Marco Buti, Director General DG ECFIN

Session I: "Fiscal decentralisation and budgetary discipline: evidence and prospects"

Chair: Lucio Pench (DG Ecfin)

Discussants: Gerhard Steger (Director General Budget and Public Finances, Austria) and Martin Larch (DG Ecfin)

Session II:"Fiscal decentralisation and domestic fiscal frameworks: How different institutional budgetary setting may help ensure fiscal discipline in a context of growing decentralization"

Chair: Stefan Ciobanu (DG Ecfin)

Discussants: Ernesto Crivelli (IMF) and Matteo Salto (DG Ecfin)

Session III:"Country‑specific policy experiences: the cases of Italy and Spain"

Chair: Istvan Pal Szekely (DG Ecfin)

Discussants: Guillem López‑Casasnovas (Universitat Pompeu Fabra-Barcelona) and Alessandro Turrini (DG Ecfin).

Panel Discussion: "What are the main policy options and reforms to ensure budgetary discipline against the backdrop of fiscal decentralization?"

Moderator: Lucio Pench (DG Ecfin)

Participants: Gerhard Steger (Director General Budget and Public Finances, Austria), Guntram Wolff (Bruegel), Guillem López‑Casasnovas (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and Martin Larch (DG Ecfin).

Concluding remarks: Lucio Pench (DG Ecfin).

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