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Travelling exhibition - Poland

Ongoing exhibition (currently in Katowice)

As displayed in Poland , the exhibition consists of three different exhibition areas. The areas include traditional presentation panels, euro coins as well as interactive elements such as videos and games for adults and children.

1st exhibition area (European integration)

  1. Presentation of EU Member States by accession date
  2. Historic timeline on European integration and Polish history (with accession dates as milestones)
  3. Panel on the "Polish fathers of Europe" – Polish contribution to the European integration project

2nd exhibition area (euro and EMU)

  1. Several panels on the euro symbol, coins and banknotes
  2. Panels of the NBP presenting costs and benefits of joining the euro
  3. Panels on the single market, the crisis and the new economic governance framework

3rd exhibition area (kid's corner)

  1. Several panels on "money" and the "euro"

A wide range of reading and promotional material is available to all visitors, as well as a new coin pressing machine where visitors can stamp the special medal of the exhibition.

Łódź, 24 September – 14 December 2012
Euro Information Centre of the National Bank of Poland - Łódź, Al. T. Kościuszki 14

The exhibition was opened on 24 September by Marek Belka, President of the National Bank of Poland, and Declan Costello, DG ECFIN.

Film made by the National Bank of Poland on the opening (PL)

Krakow, 25 February - 24 May 2013

The exhibition was opened on 25 February by Prof. Jerzy Hausner, Member of the Monetary Policy Council of the National Bank of Poland, and Mr Roman Schönwiesner, DG ECFIN.


Katowice 10 June - 12 July 2013

The exhibition was opened on10 June by Prof. Eugeniusz Gatnar, Member of the Management Board of the National Bank of Poland, and Mrs Natalia Szczucka, Head of Regional Representation of the European Commission in Wrocław.

More information and pictures can be found on the dedicated webpage of the Regional Representation.

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