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Euro travelling exhibition


The concept

What's the purpose of the euro? What are its benefits? Will it survive..?

You can find the answer to these questions and all you ever wanted to know about the euro and the EMU in our travelling exhibition "The euro, our currency". The exhibition is modern and interactive with touch screens and audiovisual elements, as well as traditional exhibition panels. Kids have a dedicated area with magnetic and computer games. At the end of your visit, you will even get the chance to press your own coin in the shape of a medal.

The exhibition travels to countries which have not yet adopted to the euro. It is a communication tool used by the Commissions to support and complement national or local information campaigns about the single currency.

Visit the exhibition online on our website. It's easy: click on the tab "exhibition" or on "Read and download" to discover all you ever wanted to know about the euro. (Available in EN, PL, LV and RU).

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