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Euro Cash Users Group

In 2003, one year after the introduction of the euro cash, the European Commission and the European Central Bank decided to jointly set up a ‘Euro Cash Users Group’ (ECUG).


In the years prior to the euro cash introduction, the Commission regularly held meetings with consultative groups that discussed among others practical aspects of the introduction of the euro cash, such as the metallic composition of coins or the technical fitness of coins for visually impaired people and others. Similar meetings were held by the ECB to tackle issues related to the introduction of euro banknotes.

After the introduction of euro cash, the ECUG took up the successful tradition of co-operation with representatives of the private sector on euro cash related issues in order to continue the dialogue with the stakeholders and orient it on the practical needs stemmed from the circulation of cash. The ECUG is therefore meant to be a forum for discussion and mutual information on issues related to the daily use of euro cash in the economy as payments, security aspects of banknotes and coins circulation, handling and transportation, giving thus an opportunity to experts in the field to raise issues of common EU cash user interest and to exchange views with the Commission and the ECB.

ECUG does not have a mandate to look into legislative proposals and is therefore not involved in legislative procedures.

Membership and scope

The ECUG is open to stakeholders who have the technical knowledge and expertise in the field of cash payments, cash production, handling and distribution.

Therefore, ECUG members are not individuals acting in a personal capacity, but are organisations and associations from the banking and financial sectors (i.e. European Savings Bank Group, European Payments Council), the industry (i.e. European Cash Protection Intelligence, European Vending Association), as well as representatives of the retailers, the cash handling companies (i.e. European Security Transport Association), small and medium sized enterprises (European Association of Craft, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) and consumers (i.e. European Consumers' Organization, European Community of Consumer Cooperatives).

Due to the group's mandate, membership to ECUG is open to any organization which expresses its wish to join the group and which possesses the relevant technical cash expertise and complies with the statutes of the group.


For any questions related to the Euro Cash Users Group please contact Mrs Irina Stoicescu at +32 2 29 68915 or

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